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On The Scent

Marvellous Muses & Scented Obsessions

On The Scent
On The Scent
This week Nicola & Suzy are both obsessed with new (and new to them) fragrances that have already earned compliments galore - some of which are true olfactory obsessions (as they can’t stop thinking about them!)

We’ve got some wonderful feedback - including a listener giving *Nicola* a #perfumeprescription - and a plethora of suggestions of perfumes for listeners seeking scents which: evoke freedom via an adventurous car journey / last longer than a beloved (but fleeting) rose musk / are the best to sample of a delicious niche house / are woody but right for right now in Australian summer.


We discuss…

The scent (from her recent trip to Florence for @pittifragranze) Suzy can’t stop thinking about:@timothyhanedition Mad Love

What we’ve been wearing:


@millerharris Myrica Muse
@olfactive_o Skin


@guerlain Tobacco Honey
@sanajardin gift sets (luxurious new gift sets)
MYSTICAL 5ML SPRAY TRIO: £39 (Selfridges)

@bdkpsrfumsparis Pas ce Soir Extrait

(Listener feedback - giving Nicola a prescription!)
@aemium Silence de Calanques
Listener Prescriptions:
@timothyhanedition On the Road
@4160tuesdays Freeway
@mayanjie Voyeur Verde
@olfactiveo Skin
@jimmychoo Rose Passion
@parfumsdemarly Delina
@montale Arabians TonkaAmber MuskDark VanillaChocolate GreedyStarry Nights Vanille AbsoluRoses Musk
@goldfield_and_banks_australia Wood Infusion (10ml travel spray available)
@goldfield_and_banks_australia Silky Woods
@mapoftheheart Black Heart V.2
On The Scent
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