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Once Upon a Nightmare


Once Upon a Nightmare
Once Upon a Nightmare

“Ah. Well... I attended Juilliard... I'm a graduate of the Harvard business school. I travel quite extensively. I lived through the Black Plague and had a pretty good time during that. I've seen the EXORCIST ABOUT A HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN TIMES, AND IT KEEPS GETTING FUNNIER EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEE IT... NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU'RE TALKING TO A DEAD GUY... NOW WHAT DO YOU THINK? You think I'm qualified?”

Hello and welcome to episode 95 of Once Upon a Nightmare. In this episode I am joined by Harrie where we discuss Beetlejuice (Tim Burton, 1988).

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Once Upon A Nightmare is hosted, produced, researched, recorded and edited by me, Lorraine.

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Quotes: The Shining, Carrie, Aliens, Psycho, Scream 2 & The Silence of the Lambs.

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Once Upon a Nightmare
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