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Dinner reservations: how to eat sustainably (and does it even matter?)


Some folks promote local food. Others swear by veganism. But what is the most environmentally-friendly diet? And does it really matter what we eat? Or are there bigger fish to fry when it comes to climate activism?

Outside/In is trying out a new segment called This, That, Or The Other Thing. It’s all about the little decisions we make to try and build a more sustainable world—whether they have any effect, and what we can do instead if they don’t.

For our inaugural edition, we’re focusing on food. From Brazilian beef and tofu tacos to food waste and composting, host Nate Hegyi talks with experts to understand how our choices impact the planet… and how we can make a difference in our communities.

Featuring Umair Irfan, Tamar Haspel, and Ben Halpern.


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Give a listen to Tamar Haspel’s podcast, Climavores.

Vox reporter Umair Irfan wrote about how individual action actually does matter in the fight against climate change.

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara put together a big study on the cumulative environmental pressures of different foods.

Want to tackle food waste? The Environmental Protection Agency has a great, down-to-earth guide on what you can do.


Hosted, reported, produced, and mixed by Nate Hegyi

Edited by Taylor Quimby with help from Justine Paradis, Jessica Hunt, and Felix Poon.

Rebecca Lavoie is our Executive Producer

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