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The olive & the pine


Planting a tree often becomes almost a shorthand for doing a good deed. But such an act is not always neutral. In some places, certain trees can become windows into history, tools of erasure, or symbols of resistance.

This episode originally aired in October of 2020.

Featuring: Liat Berdugo, Irus Braverman, Jonathan Kuttab, Noga Kadman, Iyad Hadad, Raja Shehadeh, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Miri Maoz-Ovadia, and Nidal Waleed Rabie and his granddaughter Samera.


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Host: Nate Hegyi

Reported and produced by: Justine Paradis

Mixer: Justine Paradis

Editing by Taylor Quimby, Sam Evans-Brown, and Erika Janik

Rebecca Lavoie is our Executive Producer

Music for this episode by Blue Dot Sessions.

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