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Owning Your Legacy

Accountability, Personal Agency & Paying It Backward With Amy and Pete Kadens

Owning Your Legacy
Owning Your Legacy

In the season 6 premiere of Owning Your Legacy, Laurette welcomes philanthropist and entrepreneur duo Amy and Pete Kadens for an incredibly powerful and transparent conversation about the need for more accountability in life and leadership. Because without it, we are only solving for symptoms instead of the core issues.

Amy is the founder of MOD Collective and Share Our Spare, which respectively work to support women and families affected by poverty who are in need of basic necessities, including diapers, clothing, and more. Pete is the founder and co-chair of HOPE Chicago, an organization focused on improving economic mobility through college and workforce access. Together, Amy and Pete both serve as chairpeople for The Kadens Family Foundation, a nonprofit they started to provide more equitable opportunities at all stages of life, starting with education.

With Laurette, Amy and Pete discuss the intersections and realities of their philanthropic endeavors, the collective success that comes from moving through discomfort, and how they support their shared passion for change (and each other!) through their very different approaches.

In this episode of Owning Your Legacy:

  • Amy and Pete’s powerful philosophies on truly giving back
  • Why there’s no such thing as “self-made”
  • How to take accountability in all aspects of your life
  • Transforming tragedy into thoughtful, aligned action
  • Nuances to consider in your efforts to find purpose & help any community

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Owning Your Legacy
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