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Owning Your Legacy

Making Innovation & Inspiration Second Nature With Karuna Rawal

Owning Your Legacy
Owning Your Legacy

In the season 5 premiere of Owning Your Legacy, Laurette is excited to welcome Karuna Rawal, the Chief Revenue Officer & Chief Marketing Officer at Nature’s Fynd. Karuna’s background includes brand strategy & marketing roles at P&G, Arc Worldwide, and Leo Burnett, elevating legendary brands within food, beverage, and beyond. A proven innovator in CPG, her expertise in building brands from scratch has resonated with colleagues and consumers alike throughout her career.

Still, Nature’s Fynd presented an exciting challenge for Karuna. The alternative protein company was created by Sustainable Bioproducts, a biotech start-up, and started as a research initiative back by NASA! In fact, the Chicago-based brand didn’t even have a name when she accepted the role. With a shared commitment to sustainability, Karuna approached the opportunity with enthusiasm as she and her team faced unconventional obstacles during development and before launching in 2020—right at the start of the global pandemic. Now, she’s invested in scaling the company’s story, products, and new discoveries to better “Feed Your Optimism.”

Laurette and Karuna discuss navigating necessary pivots in life and leadership despite the unknown, the need for more sustainable protein sources, and the priceless impact of having the right support, whether it be from loved ones, aligned partnerships, or your company’s Board. They also bond over their passion for female empowerment, being proud working moms, and Karuna’s career highlight: the famous “Like a Girl” campaign for Always.

In this episode of Owning Your Legacy:

  • The fascinating power & possibilities of fungi
  • How to be resourceful and outsource for more joy
  • Building a modern CPG brand against all odds (and with NASA's research!)
  • Why motherhood redefined Karuna's perspective on responsibility
  • How Karuna helped change "Like a Girl" from an insult to a compliment

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Owning Your Legacy
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