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Owning Your Legacy

Prioritizing Health & Joy For Healing With Beth Smith

Owning Your Legacy
Owning Your Legacy

In this episode of Owning Your Legacy, Laurette is joined by Beth Smith, founder and CEO of Simplicity Cold-Pressed Juice & Cocktails. Made with fresh fruits and vegetables, Beth expanded the brand’s offerings from only juice and added spirit-infused drinks based on her belief that fun and freshness aren’t mutually exclusive. As a result, she launched the country’s first ready-to-drink, cold-pressed cocktails—because you should be able to raise a glass without sacrificing your well-being.

Laurette and Beth talk transparently about her journey to healing through continued physical and emotional hardships, some of her most frustrating experiences working in food & beverage, and why she’s so passionate about transforming the way we view and implement nutrition.

In this episode of Owning Your Legacy:
*How Beth’s fertility struggles inspired her business
*Beth’s mission to detach shame & guilt from nutrition
*Navigating modern food & beverage industry obstacles
*Why prioritizing your wellbeing & joy isn’t selfish
*How to let go and trust the timing of your life

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Owning Your Legacy
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