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Owning Your Legacy

The Power & Potential of Food Science With Mary Wagner

Owning Your Legacy
Owning Your Legacy

In the Season 5 finale of Owning Your Legacy, Laurette welcomes executive food & beverage professional Mary Wagner. From General Mills to Taco Bell and more, Mary’s impressive career is a testament to her standard of excellence and passion for progress. She has provided invaluable food science operations & strategy guidance for top brands in the industry, most notably and recently as the former Senior Vice President of Global Product Innovation, Food Safety, and Quality at Starbucks. Since retiring, Mary has launched and led her global food science consulting firm MK Wagner & Associates, where she and her team leverage 40+ years of expertise to deliver extraordinary results to global food brands.

Laurette and Mary discuss the power of science for executing innovative ideas, the underrated yet incredible aspects of a professional role that involves flavor and nutrition, and how to weigh your options between certain business and career situations.

In this episode of Owning Your Legacy:
*The fascinating nuances of food science, flavor, and nutrition
*Prioritizing research, transparency, and sustainability in the industry
*Mary’s observations on private vs. public business pros and cons
*Navigating individual career decisions and sacrifices
*How to maintain perspective on your impact as a leader

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Owning Your Legacy
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