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087: Booking $40k in One Month of Photography with Patty Betts - STUDENT SPOTLIGHT

You’re listening to Nathan Chanski and this is the Passion with Purpose Podcast.

On today’s episode I interview a photographer and current student in my 1:1 six-figure coaching program—Patty Betts—on how she booked $40k in one singular month, and reached six-figures in bookings after only 4 months of the year.

Patty is a wedding photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina, and is an absolute force when it comes to running a business. All the while she is pretty early on in her entrepreneurial journey, so I think A LOT of listeners are going to resonate with her story and the things she shares.

She started her journey in the professional world with a huge career ahead of her in engineering, but was willing to give it all up to follow her dreams of being a creative entrepreneur. AND SHE’S DOING IT.

If you’re an ACTION TAKER like Patty, you resonate with her story, and you need help in your business scaling to that six figures and beyond mark, I want you to go to the show notes of this episode, and find where it says “Apply for 1:1 Coaching with Nate.”

I’m going to be looking for the next round of members for my coaching program very soon, and I want to make sure I have YOUR name and info if you want to join the program yourself. I’m not going to lie, it’s a small group in the early stages of this program, so I have to be selective with who I take on, but you may be the exact person I can help.

Sound good?

Alright, let’s dive into this episode and chat with Patty!


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Connect with Patty online:

Instagram:⁠⁠⁠ @betts_photography @bettsfilms_

Tik Tok:⁠⁠⁠ @bettsphotoandfilms

Website: https://bettsphotography.co/

Connect with Nathan online:

Instagram:⁠⁠ @nathanchanski⁠⁠

Tik Tok:⁠⁠ @nathanchanski⁠⁠

Online Courses & Products from Nathan:⁠⁠ https://www.nathanchanski.co/education⁠⁠

Apply for 1:1 Coaching Program with Nathan:⁠⁠ https://www.nathanchanski.co/coaching-application⁠⁠

Passion With Purpose - Photography Podcast, Creative Business, Social Media Marketing
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