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Patented: History of Inventions


Get ready for the coming of our robot overlords by listening to this episode all about the history of AI. Who was Shakey the robot? Why did we spend thousands of hours trying to tell a machine the basic facts of life (like that the hot tap is coloured red)? What was King Charles’ grey goo theory all about?

The first half of the show is with Matthew Sparkes of the New Scientist. Matthew spends his life covering the latest developments in the field of AI and is a regular contributor to the New Scientist’s podcast ‘New Scientist Weekly’.

Then in the second half Dallas is with Professor Michael Wooldridge, author of The Road to Consciousness: the story of AI.

Edited by Stuart Beckwith, Produced by Freddy Chick, Senior Producer was Charlotte Long.

Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Patented: History of Inventions
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