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Paul Giamatti’s CHINWAG with Stephen Asma

Paul Giamatti’s CHINWAG with Stephen Asma

89 episodes

Paul Giamatti’s CHINWAG with Stephen Asma

89 episodes

About Paul Giamatti’s CHINWAG with Stephen Asma

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=== ABOUT THE SHOW ======

chin-wag: to have a chat, a friendly conversation.

Actor Paul Giamatti and Stephen Asma, author and philosopher, join forces for a freewheeling series of conversations that dive deep (like, really, really deep) into the wilderness of the mind.

Featuring prominent guests from diverse fields, Chinwag is esoteric in the best way possible, as Paul and Stephen delve into anything and everything: Are we living in a simulation? What’s the most perfect sentence in literature? Is Bigfoot interdimensional? Science, the occult, philosophy, magic mushrooms… it’s all fair game!

Unexpected, hilarious, and maybe even profound — Chinwag is all about having a really, really good chat.

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