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PEOPLE in the '90s

Bill Bellamy & When MTV Still Told You What Was Cool


Real World, Daria, Choose or Lose, House of Style and The Week in Rock. (There were some videos too.) In the '90s, MTV was our media of choice — and, if you think about it, was Instagram before Instagram. The network set the pop agenda, told us who was cool and what to wear, introduced us to reality television (and Jenny McCarthy — shoutout to Singled Out!), and broke the biggest news in pop culture and music, like the death of Kurt Cobain. Nirvana’s front man was on the cover of PEOPLE April 25, 1994 issue and, over at MTV, Bill Bellamy was in the middle of the music industry. Bill joins us to pay homage to Cobain, who he interviewed at the MTV Beach House shortly before the singer's suicide in 1994. He sticks around to dish on his '90s life: coining the term "booty call" as a stand-up comic; his "did-they-didn’t-they" relationship with Janet Jackson; early Britney Spears; and appearing in a Tupac Shakur video. Oh — speaking of MTV — remember when Carmen Electra married Dennis Rodman?


Episode 10

Season 1

by People