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PEOPLE in the '90s

Lisa Rinna & When Soap Operas Were Everything


Breathless romance and shocking slaps. Demonic possessions and really big hair. An exhausting use of the word “bitch.” In the ‘90s, soap operas were off-the-chain crazy. And delicious. On the cover of PEOPLE’s February 21st, 1994 issue: the stars of Melrose Place. Lisa Rinna —who starred on both Days of Our Lives and Melrose — takes us back to the golden era of soaps, both daytime and primetime. As only she can, Lisa tells all about the sex (on-screen and off), fights, absurd plotlines, what she learned from Heather Locklear, how she met husband Harry Hamlin in 1992, and how her entire career prepared her for modern-day soap Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Plus: Find out which of our co-hosts is a die-hard soaps superfan and which barely knows Passions. Oh and remember Janeane Garofalo’s baby bangs in Reality Bites?


Episode 8

Season 1

by People