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PEOPLE in the '90s

Sherri Shepherd & The Rise of the Standup Sitcom


Seinfeld, Sinbad, Ellen, The Jamie Foxx Show. In the '90s, it felt like every standup comedian had a self-titled sitcom. On the cover of PEOPLE's March 29, 1993 issue: Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold — “The Terrible Two of Comedy.” Comedian, actor and talk show host Sherri Shepherd had a front row seat for the standup-sitcom boom — having appeared on seemingly every sitcom in the '90s, including Friends, Living Single, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Never one to hold back, Sherri talks about the lack of diversity on television (then and now), how she uses a friend to find dates on the apps, and how Jamie Foxx still owes her $50 for a haircut. Oh, and remember Indecent Proposal?


Episode 7

Season 1

by People