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Peter Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America

CPAC Does Not Equal MAGA -- At Least Not Yet

Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, it’s March 2, 2023, and in the swamp otherwise known Washington DC, this week politically belongs to CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Conference – which is holding its annual meeting along the banks of the Potomac River.

In fact, this CPAC conference will be the latest battleground in the not so civil war now being waged between the Traditional Wall Street Globalist wing of the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell-Fox news-Karl Rove Republican Party versus the Trump MAGA wing. And that’s the main message of today’s podcast, that no one should ever confuse CPAC with a pure MAGA organization, at least not yet.

While it is true that CPAC is incrementally moving towards MAGA, it has a long ways to go and the reasons may be traced to both CPAC’s history and traditional Republican donor class.

A quick review of the CPAC lineup this year does indeed show a heavy skew towards traditional Republican issues and representatives. While Donald Trump is the headliner – simply because he’s the best draw to bring people to the event – you also have the designated hitters for the globalists trying to take Trump out in the presidential primary. This roster includes both Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz.

Peter Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America
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