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Peter Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America

Joe Biden’s Role in America’s Forced Immigrant Child Labor Fiasco

Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, it’s March 3, 2023, and in today’s episode of Taking Back Trump’s America, I want to focus on what is becoming an epidemic of illegal immigrant children being forced to work in American factories. Here’s the topline bullets of the story:

  • Joe Biden’s reversal of Donald Trump’s secure border policy has catalyzed an epidemic of forced child immigrant labor being used in American factories, punishing these children and costing Americans jobs and higher wages.
  • Biden’s border invasion – and you won’t read this in the corporate media – is hollowing small towns and villages across Latin America as able-bodied workers are leaving their families behind to go to El Norte so this catastrophic affects both sides of the border
  • Biden’s so-called solution is not to seal up the border again but rather spend your tax dollars trying to fix the problem on our side of the border.
  • At the root of all of this is a cynical, long term Democrat strategy to stuff the ballot box, particularly in Red States, when these immigrants start to vote.

Listen now to the rest of the story:

Peter Navarro’s Taking Back Trump’s America
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