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Porsche BUYING Redbull & Could Ocon WIN the Hungarian GP again?!


Welcome back to the PITSTOP PODCAST! It's episode 46 wow we can't believe we've done that many already time is flying. IT'S RACE WEEK! The Hungarian Grand Prix is here... It's gonna be a crazy race. Last year as we know 5 DRIVERS DNF at the first corner... We're gonna be discussing the race and the track ahead of the weekend and we're digging into the Rumour that Porsche is buying 50% of Red Bull! Could Lando be on his way to RB When Porsche joins in 2026? SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! Huge guests are on the way in the summer break too, make sure you don't go anywhere! Join us every Monday & Thursday for our predictions, guests, quizzes, and a whole load of us getting everything wrong!

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