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by Cass Warbeck
Plant Fueled Podcast

Making history at Tokyo 2020 with Canadian plant-based Olympian Haley Daniels


This conversation is with Canadian Olympian Haley Daniels, a plant-based canoe slalom athlete who made history by being among the very first women to compete in the canoe slalom event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games! Haley has had a decorated career and this is an incredible conversation. Please enjoy!

We cover:

  • The Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • All about canoe slalom
  • Making history as one of the first women to compete in Olympic canoe slalom
  • Overcoming barriers as a female athlete
  • The importance of mental resilience and grit
  • Which mental training techniques she uses daily
  • How the Covid-19 pandemic affected her training
  • What her day to day training looks like
  • Strategies she uses to prepare for a big race/event
  • What she learned from her Olympic experience
  • Reframing thoughts and dealing with regret
  • What people need to know about Olympic athletes
  • Why she switched to a plant-based diet
  • Tips for managing your diet on the road

Connect with Haley: Instagram: @haleydanski | Facebook: Haley Daniels | Twitter: @HaleyDanski

Her personal website: https://www.haleydaniels.ca/#join-my-journey

Resources mentioned during this episode:

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Episode 6

Season 1

by Cass Warbeck