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by Cass Warbeck
Plant Fueled Podcast

Welcome to the Plant Fueled Podcast! Meet Cass Warbeck


Welcome to the Plant Fueled Podcast! My name is Cass Warbeck and this podcast is all about bringing you conversations to optimize your health and elevate your performance. In this episode, I introduce myself (I’m a medical student, Muay Thai fighter, and vegan lifestyle advocate) and discuss what you can expect in upcoming episodes.

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Find me here, if you want to connect on Instagram! @plant_fueled

Theme music by Tyler Gaudon

Special thanks to Wyatt Pavlik for the audio editing and processing!

*Please appreciate that this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, always seek the opinion of a physician or qualified healthcare provider!*


Episode 1

Season 1

by Cass Warbeck