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A Space Poddity 23 : Labyrinth


While the world was bumming out on Bowie in 1986, he had another plan. He would squeeze his rock star persona into a Jim Henson creation and become the Goblin King: all rock, crotch and charisma. That's right, your Bowie Boys (Eric, Steve and Marc) along with special guests Lennox Anderson and Chris Cook, are diving into Jim Henson's "Labyrinth". We discuss the history of the film, the lore, the songs and Bowie's shining performance. Enjoy, and if you don't get boxed up and filed by the Trash Lady, then you don't know what nostalgia is!


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Episode Links:

  1. As the World Falls Down official video - https://youtu.be/r1UEfgwiULo
  2. Underground Official Video - https://youtu.be/Qga12-bAS4A
  3. Behind the Scenes - https://youtu.be/VFQCg0rpBK8



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