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Podcast Beyond - IGN's PlayStation Show

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Delivers on the Promise of the Remake Trilogy - Beyond 837

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is almost here, and the reviews are in! Michael Higham joins us to discuss his thoughts on the game (which he scored a 9 out of 10, something we totally forgot to mention on the show) and there’s a lot to say about this massive installment in such a beloved series - which we’ll do while steering clear of story spoilers as much as possible. We discuss new additions to combat, like Synergy Abilities, and how the expanded roster shakes up the experience when swapping between Cloud, Tifa, Barrett, Aerith, Yuffie, Red XIII and the rest of the game. Mostly, though, we praise Rebirth for turning us loose in a mostly open-world Gaia that feels leaps and bounds more ambitious than Remake’s Midgar. While there are plenty of fun minigames, they’re not all winners, which is ultimately a minor nitpick - especially considering how much fun Queen’s Blood is - it’s safe to say this is one of the biggest games of the year, and one we’ll be thinking and talking about for quite some time. Podcast beyond is Max Scoville, Nick Limon and Jada Griffin with special guest Michael Higham.

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Podcast Beyond - IGN's PlayStation Show
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