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Policing Matters

Commander Sid Heal on why the concepts of less lethal force are more important than the tools


Recent high-profile events have led to legislative changes that are limiting police use of force options and the deployment of less lethal tools. Some cities, for example, have banned the use of pepper spray and tear gas at demonstrations and riots.

Now, more than ever, it is critical for law enforcement professionals to understand and deploy force options wisely and appropriately, and help educate the legislators, the media and the public about the impact of restrictions on the tools available to officers.

In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, host Jim Dudley speaks with a combat veteran and veteran police commander with extensive knowledge and expertise in force options. Commander Sid Heal, who retired from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department after 33 years, shares his expertise in his latest book titled “Concepts of Non-lethal Force: Understanding Force from Shouting to Shooting,” in which he explores the ever-growing array of nonlethal options and implements that promise to restore order to out-of-control situations.



by Police1.com