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Can New York salvage Biden’s offshore wind goals?

The collapse of New Jersey’s ambitious offshore wind plan has put
increasing pressure on New York and other Northeastern states to help
President Joe Biden meet his clean energy goals. POLITICO’s Marie French
and Ry Rivard break down the pressure on New York to rescue Biden’s wind
plans. Plus, Pacific Gas and Electric has officially requested federal
permission to keep the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California
open for 20 more years.


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Catherine Morehouse is an energy reporter for POLITICO and the host of
the POLITICO Energy podcast.

Ry Rivard covers energy, the environment and transportation in New
Jersey for POLITICO. 

Marie J. French covers energy and the environment for POLITICO New

Nirmal Mulaikal is a POLITICO audio host-producer. 

Alex Keeney is a senior audio producer at POLITICO. 

Gloria Gonzalez is the deputy energy editor for POLITICO. 

Matt Daily is the energy editor for POLITICO.
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