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Is the EV slowdown real? It’s a mixed bag.

Electric vehicle sales just passed a significant milestone in the United
States, and they’re expected to set records later this year globally.
But the news isn’t all rosy just as upcoming elections in the United
States and Europe are throwing the future of EVs into uncertainty.
POLITICO’s James Bikales breaks down the industry’s murky outlook. Plus,
the Federal Trade Commission is investigating Exxon Mobil's plan to buy
Pioneer Natural Resources, the largest oil and gas deal in years.


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Catherine Morehouse is an energy reporter for POLITICO and the host of
the POLITICO Energy podcast.

James Bikales is the host of Morning Energy and a reporter for

Nirmal Mulaikal is a POLITICO audio host-producer. 

Kara Tabor is an audio producer for POLITICO.

Gloria Gonzalez is the deputy energy editor for POLITICO. 

Matt Daily is the energy editor for POLITICO.
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