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Why corporate America is going silent about its green commitments

Companies are starting to keep quiet about their climate and
sustainability goals and commitments — a trend known as greenhushing.
It’s a dramatic shift from how companies in previous years would tout
their environmental credentials. POLITICO’s Ben Lefebvre breaks down the
politics behind greenhushing and the polarization of sustainability in
corporate America. Plus, leaked documents show that the United Arab
Emirates planned to use its position as host country of the upcoming
United Nations climate talks to discuss oil and gas deals with more than
a dozen countries. 


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Catherine Morehouse is an energy reporter for POLITICO and the host of
the POLITICO Energy podcast.

Ben Lefebvre is an energy reporter for POLITICO. 

Nirmal Mulaikal is a POLITICO audio host-producer. 

Kara Tabor is an audio producer for POLITICO.

Gloria Gonzalez is the deputy energy editor for POLITICO. 

Matt Daily is the energy editor for POLITICO.
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