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POV You're My Therapist

s2 ep 19 I Listened to Lana Del Rey in Middle School, I was Never Gonna Be OK

POV You're My Therapist
POV You're My Therapist
The earlier 2010’s was a… questionable time to be a teen. You have all day re-runs of Thirteen (2003) starting Nikki Reed and Rachel Evan Wood on lifetime, an ungodly amount of un-supervised time on the internet and angst. SO MUCH angst.

Suddenly, you’re 16, watching thirteen, scrolling through tumblr while blasting 'Shades of Cool' by Lana Del Rey, and watching her make out with that old man, and suddenly you're like...... "I'm not living." "No one gets me." "Where is the drama in my life?"

On this episode our host discusses age gap relationships. She talks about her experience with them and when they are appropriate, if ever. She talks about how these relationships can stunt emotional and mental growth and leave you in a state of distrusts with yourself. Divine raises a few red flags she noticed in said relationships.

Our host also discusses grooming, “To catch a predator”, and why as teenager’s our hollow minds thought it was cool to date men who were in their twenties. So big fat, TRIGGER WARNING.

We also discuss limerence, and ultimately reach the point in every conversation between women where we ask, “why are so many M3N serial killers?”

So fun, :)

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POV You're My Therapist
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