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POV You're My Therapist

s2 ep 21. POV is For The Gowrls, OK? Anyway, Wanting to Die During Your Period Is Not Normal

POV You're My Therapist
POV You're My Therapist
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As if it couldn't get any clearer that POV You're My Therapist is for the Gowrls, the Gays, the Thems and Theys, on this episode we talk about periods.

Have you ever had a moment when you go to starbucks and the very nice barista gets your order right but they misspell your name and for some reason it enrages you👹 to the point that you're about to turn into John Wick🧑🏻‍💼 🐕 right after someone hurt his puppy?

Or suddenly after literally doing the bare mininum, you feel so exhausted. Then you feel sad that you're exhausted, and ashamed that you're sad about being exhausted? That the end of the world is near anyways, so you cancel therapy and cry and try to swim through the motions of a depressive episode, alone?

Or, you're looking at life like, "this isn't worth it, maybe I ought to go play in traffic." ? And you cry and cry and cry and you feel so beside yourself and out of control of your own thoughts that you literally don't know what to do...?

And then two days later your period comes and suddenly the world is all 🍭☀️ sunshines and rainbows 🦄🌈 and you're so happy you didn't go all John Wick on the barista and go to jail. And you're happy you didn't play in traffic because, "Oh my God, life is a gift! A beautiful, beautiful gift! I love everyone and I am the most beautiful,🥰 happiest, 😇angel, alive."?

Bestie, you might have PMDD. :(

Also, we talk about kinkeeping.

Btw! I will announce the winner of the Giveaway on Sunday!

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POV You're My Therapist
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