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POV You're My Therapist

Texts to my Therapist #6: Rihanna said, "You're Getting No Album & A Baby & You're Gonna like It!"

POV You're My Therapist
POV You're My Therapist
Rihanna said she had a surprise guest at the Super Bowl and a surprise it was!

On this week's episode of Texts to my Therapist, we talk Super Bowl LVII! Rihanna's baby surprise, followed by a new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research regarding socioeconomic status & childbirth in the U.S.

Then, it's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the Mylar balloon you lost your grip on when you were ten! Kidding. The confusing tale of the Chinese surveillance balloons, and the UFOs in North American airspace.

We discuss what exactly is going on in the sky this week, because we, (me, Divine) are going to LOSE IT if another vague, "unidentifiable object" is shot down this week.

We also have an impromptu discussion about Aliens, the ever-evasive "Tic Tac" spacecraft, Type I, II, & III civilizations, and some other super fun, not scary, stuff. <3

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POV You're My Therapist
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