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by Phil Albritton
Power Kid Podcast

Animation for kid with Rusty Tracy of Wind Dancer Films


My honored guest this week is Rusty Tracy the VP of Wind Dancer Films. They have generated over 4 billion dollars in revenue from film and television properties that the company has created and produced. Rusty spent 10 years at Nickelodeon Animation Studios and his animation work includes the 2012 Ninja Turtles series, Ready Jet Go on PBS, Not a Box for Universal Kids and many more. In this episode we dive into Rusty’s experience with Nickelodeon Studios and TMNT - from unpaid intern to Creative Director! He gives us an inside look at the conversations between animators and toy makers to ensure brand integrity. What are the important considerations when developing animation for children of all ages? What are the challenges of creating animation that is both fun and educational. Enjoy this fun and insightful episode. Thank you for listening!



by Phil Albritton