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by Phil Albritton
Power Kid Podcast

Protecting IP with Howard Fine


My guest today has over 25 years experience as an intellectual property attorney and has worked with virtually every major licensor in the entertainment and merchandise industries. Howard Fine spent 10 years as the Senior VP/ General Counsel for Tiger Electronics and then Hasbro. Today he serves clients worldwide as one of the top IP and licensing attorneys in the industry.

Today we discuss his early experience with electronic toys including Tiger's classic handheld games and Furby. In the wake of the Furby phenomenon I ask him what steps were taken to protect that quick growth powerful IP. We discuss several high profile legal battles in the toy industry. When should you show an invention and how can you help to keep the idea protected? What are the basic elements needed in any inventors licensing agreement? You will want to take notes! Enjoy the show!



by Phil Albritton