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by Phil Albritton
Power Kid Podcast

Shane Hartley Art Director at Ravensburger


My guest today Shane Hartley is an extremely talented art director, designer and artist wrangler. Previously he was the Art Director at Wiz Kids and a Media Designer for Microsoft. Today he serves as the Art Director for Ravenburger North America which also puts him over the Brio, ThinkFun and Wonder Forge brands. His love of fandom and pop culture shines through his work!

I ask him about his time with WizKids and HeroClix and what made those products unique. We discuss the challenges of managing an $800K sculpting budget! How did his publishing efforts compare to pure toy and game development? We discuss the tremendous success of the TOTY Award winning game Villainous! Finally we discuss the power of fandom and how toy and game developers can tap into IP deep details to create unique products. Thank you for sharing the show and leaving good reviews!



by Phil Albritton