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by Phil Albritton
Power Kid Podcast

Super Impulse President Alan Dorfman


You will not want to miss Alan Dorfman talking about the industry he loves. For 21 years Alan founded and developed Basic Fun into a well respected impulse toy company. Under his leadership Basic Fun gained worldwide distribution and became a category leader in licensed and novelty products. Now serving as the President of Super Impulse - a division of Topcat World Wide - he has launched well know brands like World’s Smallest, World’s Coolest, Tiny Arcade, the Original Wizzzer and many more. His experience and insight in the toy industry is tremendous and it is an honor to have him on the show.

In our conversation he recounts the story of his early career and we discuss the birth and fantastic success of the Super Soaker keychain. We breakdown the marketing shift in toys and games and how social media is giving new life to the the Rubik's brand. As toy company marketing budgets are now split between TV, digital and social spend we discuss this reality and speculate on the future of toy marketing. I ask him about his experience with mergers and acquisitions in the industry. Finally we discuss his non-traditional experience in licensing toys from toy companies to create great new items.

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by Phil Albritton