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Pregnancy After 40

Episode 032 - Overcoming Postpartum Fatigue, Thyroid Disease, and Prenatal & Postpartum Chiropractic Care w/ Dr. Emily Kiberd

Pregnancy After 40
Pregnancy After 40
In this episode, Dr. Emily Kiberd shares how she helps women struggling with Postpartum thyroiditis, Hashimoto’s and how to workout without burning out as a new mama so you can feel your best and show up for the people that matter the most.


After having her first baby, Dr. Kiberd was chronically sick and didn’t feel like herself.

She was:

*Exhausted even after sleeping 14 hours a night
*Gaining weight no matter how much she worked out
*Struggled to finish her sentences
*In chronic pain with full-body joint and muscle aches
*Constantly injuring herself when she tried to workout

Even 12 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, Emily had to look past her current knowledge of biomechanical joint and muscle pain to heal her body.

The major factor that helped heal her Thyroid was working out smarter, not harder, to lose the stubborn weight and beat the fatigue.

She learned how to feed and train the muscle to feel strong, beat fatigue, and get her confidence back.

Since then, she has helped thousands of women do the same…lose weight, reclaim their energy, and feel empowered in their body!

To contact Dr. Emily Kiberd, visit: www.dremilykiberd.com


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Disclaimer: The content in this podcast episode article is merely the host’s and guest’s experience, opinion, and information - not advice. If you have questions, you should always seek the advice of a doctor or another appropriate medical professional.
Pregnancy After 40
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