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Propaganda By The Seed

How To Cook A Weed w/ Mallory O'Donnell


In this episode we chat with forager, chef, writer and grower Mallory O'Donnell. Mallory has a working class yet gourmet approach to working with wild & unusual
ingredients to create unique dishes , ferments, and spice mixes with an emphasis on Georgian Cuisine. Mallory goes in depth their origins as a forager/cook, provides some perspective on how to interact/engage with wild plants and throws out dozens of inspiring ideas both for cooks and growers.

Some of the plants discussed in this episode:

-Spikenard and other Aralia family members -Turkish rocket -Stinging nettle -Juniper berries -Black nightshade fruit -Bee balm -Spice bush -Paw paw -Viburnium -Acorns -Trifoliate orange -Cow parsnip To learn more about Mallory's work visit howtocookaweed.com or visit their Instagram