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Pursuit of Wellness

Everyday Products That Are Making You Sick, Fatal Conveniences, Living Plant Based, Invisible Toxins and Ways to Detox Your Life w/ Darin Olien

Pursuit of Wellness
Pursuit of Wellness
Ep. #45
Have you ever considered the invisible dangers that could be lurking in your everyday products? In a riveting discussion with our guest, Darin Olien (Author of Fatal Conveniences), we uncover the pitfalls of what he terms 'fatal conveniences' and how they can negatively impact our health. Drawing from his father's experience with multiple chemical sensitivity, Darren emphasizes the potential harm of the approximately 60,000 largely untested chemicals present in products we use daily. Whether it's your deodorant, clothing, furniture, sunscreen, or even the air you breathe, every personal choice can be a stepping stone towards better health and wellness.

Darin guides us through the contrasts between regulations in the US and EU, shedding light on how products are often pushed to market stateside without sufficient safety tests. He encourages us to take action, support companies that prioritize health, and become informed consumers. We also delve into the serious health implications tied to our exposure to these chemicals, and how small and simple changes, like switching to natural skincare or growing our own food, can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Don’t forget to check out Darin’s new book Fatal Conveniences.
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Pursuit of Wellness
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