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Pursuit of Wellness

How I Healed My Acne Naturally: Finding The Root Cause, My Supplement Regimen & Diet | Solo Episode

Pursuit of Wellness
Pursuit of Wellness
Ep. #48
Battling acne for a decade has been a formidable journey, filled with numerous treatments that for the most part did not work. This episode reveals my personal, decade-long battle against this skin condition and the myriad of treatments I've undergone. But it wasn’t until I took a deep dive into my lab work with a blood chemist that I began to see real progress. My face is finally clear, my lab results have improved, and my hormones are in the process of rebalancing, and I'm ready to share this battle and victory with you.

The fight didn't end with traditional treatments, though. We also delve into the role of diet, herbal supplements, and lifestyle changes in the healing process. From the oils I cook with to the cosmetics I use, I share the comprehensive changes I made in my life. I also detail my skincare routine, including acne-safe products and treatments, and lifestyle adjustments that have helped me regain control over my skin health. Whether you're waging your own war with acne or are simply interested in maintaining skin health, this episode teems with practical insights and actionable tips. 

Supplements Mentioned:

Bloom Greens

Cir-Q Tonic 

Golden Thread Supreme

Liquid Glutathione 

Morinda Supreme

Schisandra Supreme

Camu Supreme

Ashwagandha Supreme

Gastro Digest

Black Cumin Oil

Spore Powder

Illicium Supreme

Products Mentioned:

Pill Organizer 

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

Organo King Coffee

Ria Skincare

Merit Beauty

Alima Pure

RMS Beauty

RMS Glow Sunscreen

Pacific Touch NYC


E11ement Skin Spray

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Pursuit of Wellness
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