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Pursuit of Wellness

How To Get Through Hard Times

Pursuit of Wellness
Pursuit of Wellness
Ep. #44
Today on the show, we are having our first ever Mini Motivational Solo Episode. I am really excited about this new segment of the show where we can really dive deep on topics I think will help so many of you thrive and live your dream life. On the first episode of this series, I open up about the fear that once dominated my life. Through personal stories of running from problems and avoiding my true potential, I take you on a journey that ultimately leads to the realization of the importance of facing your issues head-on. I explore the depths of my lowest point—hitting rock bottom. And while it may seem dark and desolate, I show you how it is in these abyssal depths that I found a fertile ground for rebuilding and transformation. I share how taking charge of my life, focusing on what I could control, and making small yet significant changes propelled me towards becoming the person I aspired to be. 

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Pursuit of Wellness
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