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Episode 269: Ummo Mania!

QAA Podcast
QAA Podcast
What is UMMO? The greatest hoax of all time? A secret society with a mysterious agenda? An intelligence agency psyop? Or genuine contact from space aliens? Brad and Jake will attempt to answer these questions, and they’ve kidnapped Julian and Travis to come along for the intergalactic ride.
In the 1960s, a group of Spanish societal elites received a bevy of letters and phone calls from purported extra-terrestrial visitors. Each communication was tailored to their specific field and contained advanced technical details and theories. At the same time, multiple witnesses reported a number of compelling UFO sightings, leaving behind physical evidence bearing the Ummite symbol.
This contact was to become a decades-long affair that convinced multiple esteemed scientists, subverted Franco regime censorship, and left 1300 pages of alien writings to be poured over and debated for a generation. It also left destruction and misery in its wake, with at least two dangerous cults inspired by the lore. One may still be active to this day.
Will we find the madman trickster genius manipulator behind it all? Let the IBOZOO UU and WAAM WAAM flow through you, and experience all that is UMMO.

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Brad Abrahams https://twitter.com/LoveAndSaucers https://bradabrahams.net/

Music by Pontus Berghe and Jake Rockatansky. Editing by Corey Klotz.

QAA Podcast
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