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QAnon Anonymous

Episode 216: 1600s QAnon, the Reformation & Rosicrucianism feat Matt Christman & Chris Wade

QAnon Anonymous
QAnon Anonymous
The birth of the printing press, the Lutheran movement and the secrets of the learned Rosicrucians. We explore conspiracy theories, secret societies and witch panics at a time when technological advancements were bending the human brain in unexpected ways. Our guests are Matt Christman and Chris Wade of Chapo Trap House and the new limited series Hell On Earth about the 30 year war.

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Hell On Earth Episode 1 + Atlas: https://hellonearth.chapotraphouse.com
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Matt Christman: https://twitter.com/cushbomb
Chris Wade: https://twitter.com/saywhatagain

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Music by Nick Sena. Editing by Corey Klotz.
QAnon Anonymous
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