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Queer Dungeoneers

Season 1 Campaign Post-Mortem Q&A Part 1


BEWARE! Here there be spoilers! If you haven't finished season 1 of QD we recommend doing that first before listening to this Q&A! If you'd like to skip to a particular question, please use the handy directory below.

1:50 Q1. Summarise the campaign in 10 words 3:36 Q2. Was this originally where the campaign was meant to go? 7:46 Q3. How long have you been playing Dungeon World? 9:50 Q4. Sammy, how much do you plan ahead? 14:32 Q5. What was the inspiration behind each character and their class? 26:04 Q6. At what point was it decided that Cygnana was a swan? 28:14 Q7. Will we see any more of Cygnana? 28:57 Q8. What would it be like if Cygnana and Patsy met? 30:31 Q9. How much of Nim and Kremora's relationship was discussed off-air? 36:58 Q10. Kremora did do the whole ghost-zone expansion thing right?? 37:15 Q11. Can we have a Nimora wedding next Pride Month? 38:38 Q12. What does Jolene do after the final battle? 40:04 Q13. What is Brumpo's deep lore? 42:31 Q14. Did the Revomootion ever reach Molten Gorge? 43:07 Q15. Did the two Queer Buckaneers get together in the end? 44:14 Q16. Who is your favourite NPC? 47:47 Q17. Sammy, who is your favourite NPC to portray? 51:15 Q18. Was Patsy's original concept that he was a bundle of souls? 54:37 Q19. How will Patsy be reunited and who will raise him? 56:18 Q20. What is the baby's name in the end? 56:57 Q21. What's the deal with Patsy's rebirth and how did the souls work?? 1:02:48 Q22. Was it absolutely necessary to make Cygnana's death so soul crushingly sad?

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Music: 'We Collect Shiny Things' by Blue Dot Sessions (www.sessions.blue), 'Fallen Down' by Toby Fox