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Queer Dungeoneers

Season 1 Campaign Post-Mortem Q&A Part 2


BEWARE! Here there be spoilers! If you haven't finished season 1 of QD we recommend doing that first before listening to this Q&A! If you'd like to skip to a particular question, please use the handy directory below.

0:58 Q23 What popular character would you introduce to the party? 2:55 Q24 What superpower would you give to your character? 6:19 Q25 QD musical when? 8:50 Q26 Did you come up with Dicey Decky on the spot? 10:04 Q27 Favourite moments from the campaign 15:55 Q28 Favourite character arc and why 22:36 Q29 If your character could change one thing they did, what would it be? 30:23 Q30 Was there anything you didn’t get to do/share about your character? 42:44 Q31 Most emotional moments 45:17 Q32 What song sums up your character? 47:51 Q33 Are you sad to be leaving these characters behind and will they have cameos in season 2? 50:58 Q34 How has QD changed your friendship? 56:57 Q35 Has making QD taught you anything about roleplaying or changed your perspective on it? 1:05:40 Q36 Will there be a second season? 1:06:24 Q37 What are the plans for season 2? 1:08:20 Q38 Is Patsy going to be in season 2?

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Music: 'We Collect Shiny Things' by Blue Dot Sessions (www.sessions.blue)