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Ram Dass Here And Now

Ep. 222 – The Dance of Sexual Energy

Ram Dass Here And Now
Ram Dass Here And Now

In this Q&A session from 1982, Ram Dass answers questions about astral melodramas, therapy, the dance of sexual energy, the story of Hanuman, and more.

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In this episode, Ram Dass explores:

  • Astral melodramas, such as predictions from Nostradamus and conspiracy theories involving the Illuminati, and why he doesn’t put much stock in them
  • His recent experiences with therapy and why he thinks it can be helpful
  • Desire systems, relationships, and the dance of sexual energy
  • Death and working with people who are dying

“So, finally, sexuality that comes out of a deeper part of your being, that’s what’s called tantra. Because then the sexual energies keep liberating and moving energy and opening up and tuning you to greater and greater energies, and bringing you deeper into the Oneness. The One involves its dance of the two, and through this process of magnetism and the two, it keeps liberating energy back into the One. So it’s the dance of two to One to two to One to two to One, and that’s this dance of sexual energy.” – Ram Dass

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Ram Dass Here And Now
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