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Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast

Ep95 Getting Off the Diet Roller Coaster

Join Dr Lucy as she chats with another real-life woman, Bec Mills. Bec has been off and on a diet for 25 years. She is an expert dieter. She discusses the brutal regimes she did in the quest for thinness. Like many women she was trapped in the calories in, calories out game.

She did daily gym sessions (sometimes multiple) and survived in 1200 calories a day, until that all become too much and she would binge on all the things. She lived a life of deprivation and scarcity mindset trapped in all or nothing thinking. Bec chats about the incredible mind shift that she has experienced doing the 12 week Mind Body rebalance.

The 12 Week Mind Body Rebalance

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Podcast You can’t hate yourself thin

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Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast


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