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Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast

Ep98 Motherhood and burnout

Dr Lucy chats with Dr Ali Young about burnout. Burnout is a phenomenon that is increasing in prevalence. It is well known amongst health care workers but is also on the rise in mums. Burnout has massive implications on our health and weight management.

Dr Lucy and Dr Ali talk about the reasons why this occurs, the neurotransmitter response, the metabolic hormonal response and most importantly the things you can do about it.

They chat about the barriers to self care, in particular the all-too-prevalent mum guilt.

Find Dr Ali https://www.draliyoung.com

Dr Ali’s Program https://www.draliyoung.com/mamareset

Work. Mama. Life. Book https://www.booktopia.com.au/work-mama-life--ali-young/book/9780730396567.html

Extra show notes & episode transcript

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Real Health and Weight Loss Podcast


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