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Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

9 Ways to Mentally Master the Last 10k of Your Marathon!

The marathon isn’t just a physical beast, it’s also a mental battle against yourself.

A lot of races can be lost in the last 10k simply because we aren’t mentally prepared.

On this week’s Coach Chat we cover the mental side of racing and go over 9 tips you can use to stay mentally engaged when the pain starts to set in.

After listening, you’ll be ready to master the last 10k mentally and a PR might just be on the horizon!

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Mobility Wall

We all know how important foam rolling is for staying injury-free and just plain feeling better for every run.

But, let’s face it, many of us skip it because clearing out space on the floor feels like too much work, the pressure is too painful and difficult to control, or you can’t seem to hit the right spots.

That’s why I was so amazed when I saw the door-mounted foam roller from Mobility Wall.

The Mobility Wall device mounts to your doorframe in just a few seconds and is easy to move up and down the frame in just a few seconds.

Not only does this get you off the ground and ready to foam roll in just a few seconds, it also allows you to easily hit muscles in your neck and shoulders that aren’t possible with a traditional foam roller.

Even better, because you’re off the ground, you don’t have to control gravity to adjust the pressure. You simply use upward and inward pressure, which is much easier to control. The days of painful foam rolling are over.

If you’ve been wanting to get more consistent with your injury-prevention work this year, the Mobility Wall foam roller will be a game changer. I can’t believe how much more I’ve been foam rolling since I started using it.

Plus, we’ve got a special offer for you. Just go to mobilitywall.com/RTTT or enter RTTT at checkout for 20% off your first order. Plus, it comes with a free app that gives you video instructions on exactly how to hit every area.


Countless research studies have shown that pillow selection can have a dramatic impact on sleep quality.

For example, a systematic review of ergonomic sleep data demonstrated that selecting a pillow based on your sleep position (on your back or on your side) dramatically improved sleep quality and reduced spinal pain.

Likewise, research has shown that pillow firmness and height also had positive impacts on sleep quality when adjusted for sleep position and the subject's height.

Multiple studies have also shown that pillow stuffing that can keep you cool throughout the night leads to much better deep sleep outcomes.

That’s why we love the pillows designed by Lagoon.

Lagoon specializes in making pillows designed specifically for runners and athletes to help them optimize their sleep and recovery.

Their sleep quiz pairs you with the perfect pillow for you based on sleep position, body size and more.

And the data on sleep improvement isn’t only from research papers. Using her whoop device, US Olympic Trials marathon qualifier Caitlin Keen saw her deep, restorative sleep increase by 52 minutes when she switched to a Lagoon pillow.

If you want to see the dramatic affect a pillow designed just for you can be, head to lagoonsleep.com/top

Then take their awesome 2 minute sleep quiz that matches you with the Lagoon pillow that’s perfect for you. Plus, if you use the code TOP at checkout, you’ll also save 15% off your purchase.

Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running
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