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Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

From Couch Potato To Endurance Athlete At Age 48

For those who have ever thought they were too old or too unfit to compete in endurance sports, listen to this conversation with Hilary Topper. Growing up and even well into adulthood, Hilary did not consider herself an athlete. But in her late 40s, she decided to get into running.

Fast forward a decade and she’s completed numerous road races and triathlons, started virtual endurance teams and communities, maintained an inspirational blog on all these topics, and written a book going through all the details of her journey and offering advice to fellow runners and those just starting out in our sport looking for a similar roadmap.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How we can make the running community more accessible and interesting to middle and back of the pack endurance athletes
  • How to maintain a positive attitude and growth mindset in the face of adversity, especially when you’re starting a new venture or hobby like running
  • How to make your running journey an especially rewarding one by fostering community and teamwork
  • Recommendations to make your running practice sustainable for months, years, even decades

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Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running
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