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Sad to Savage

Goose McGrath on Self-Actualization, Habits, Rituals, and Discipline

Sad to Savage
Sad to Savage

Hi besties!

In today's episode, I get to interview Goose McGrath! Goose is a co-founder/CEO, a growth expert, a real estate and business leader, podcaster, and more. He went from being homeless with a substance abuse problem to a multi-million-dollar business owner, and after hearing him talk me through each stage of his journey - it makes sense.

We discuss his habits, routines, discipline, self-actualization, and SO much more.

His journey is just so inspiring, and this episode is filled with so many amazing tips + insights. I learned SO much from Goose, and I cannot wait for you guys to learn from him too!

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Sad to Savage
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