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Sad to Savage

Improving Your Energy & Focus With Creating A Balanced Lifestyle ft. Neurogum Co-Founder Kent Yoshimura

Sad to Savage
Sad to Savage

Hi Besties, meet Kent Yoshimura — co-founder & CEO of LA-based Neuro, a health and wellness company that creates approachable and effective consumable products that you can take anywhere, anytime to refresh your state of mind and do more.

I have talked about Neuro's functional gum and mints before, so I was very excited to sit down with Kent! We talk about how to start to do the small things that help you do more in a day, creating a life filled with balance with finding healthier alternatives to caffeine and energy! Kent shares the why behind starting Neuro, growing in the health and wellness space and challenges they faced along the way in entrepreneurship!

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Sad to Savage
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