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Sad to Savage

Jenn Lueke on How Grocery Shopping Doesn't Need To Suck and Meal Prep Doesn't Need To Be Complicated!

Sad to Savage
Sad to Savage

Hi Besties, meet Jenn Lueke of Jenn Eats Goood! She has grown a community of over 1 million people who resonate with her message of easy healthy recipes and meal prep on a budget. Jenn shares that grocery shopping doesn't need to suck, meal prep doesn't need to be complicated and figuring out what's for dinner doesn't need to give you a headache.

In this episode we talk about what initially drew her into the health and wellness space, how her cooking and meal prep routines evolved through her own journey and her *moment* of wanting to turn her life around and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Jenn gives her tips to approach and implement healthy choices in way that will last the long term!We also share advice for anyone wanting to build a community and create content or a career online.

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Sad to Savage
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