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Sal and Chris Present: Hey Babe!

Are Ghosts Real? | Sal Vulcano & Chris Distefano Present: Hey Babe! | EP 22


Hey Babe! is a podcast where comedians Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano share stories and have fun. Let your hair down & come hang out with the BABES!

This episode the Babes talk their fav products YASSS! Their favorite grocery stores. Sal admits if he was to marry a store it would be a Wegmans. Chris talk's about the first time his mother let him to go the store alone and things took a turn for the tragic. Sal's dad went to an A&P during the holidays and some guy lost his mind and attacked Sal's father! Chris talks about a wild story he read in the news. A 70 year old ex marine is on a bus of seniors when 2 robbers stop the bus with guns....the 70 year old man kills the 20 year old robbers.....WHAT! Are there old tall people alive?! Chris' daughter interrupts the show YASSSSSSS. Shout out Trader Joes! Chris gets smashed off strawberry margaritas and has a hang over BAD. Olives make Chris sick. What's the deal with mayo *Seinfeld voice* Octopuses are sus what's up with them? Are they aliens? The babes talk calamari and how they know nothing about the ocean. What's the smartest creature on the planet? Filmmakers are wild like how did abraham lincoln vampire slayer get made? Chris talks about what happens when you turn 100. Chris talks about how him and Sal are just different men than their grandfathers. Sal talks about his uncle with a dent in his head who's a REAL man. Chris and Sal get scared of haunted house. The babes share their experiences with ghosts. HEY BABE!

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